About us

Kashan Jahangir Ceramic Tile Company of Kashan

Jahangir Ceram Tile Company was established in 2001 with the aim of producing decorative tiles, middle decor tiles, pencil border tiles, etc, in Kashan’s Industrial City. Now, 21 years after its inception, it is known as one of the largest manufacturers of decorative parts in Iran. Paying attention to customer requests is one of the main strategies of this collection and customer orientation is one of the main pillars and goals of this company. In this regard, we have tried to have an experienced design team, the use of the latest machines and production technology, the use of modern European raw materials, the use of foreign experts in the preparation and production of the product, the use of plastic foam packaging and shearing pallets in the direction. Providing a beautiful and safe product on site, providing the product in the shortest possible time according to the daily mass production capacity, has a quality control unit and product rating, has the national standard of Iran, etc, to obtain maximum customer satisfaction. Jahangir Ceram Tile Collection announces it’s readiness to produce and provide services in the field of decorative ceramic tiles to our dear customers. We hope that with constructive cooperation, we can take a big step forward in advancing the great goals of both parties